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About Us

Welcome to BonaBear Foundation Ghana

We are passionate about educating and lending a helping hand to those in need especially neglected children


The purpose of BONABEAR FOUNDATION GHANA as a non-governmental organization is to use more basic means to create awareness and educate on child neglect and abandonment resulting from broken homes and divorce or separation of married couples. The aim is to engage parents of victims through the interaction mechanism system with the help of professional and experienced resource persons to identify an amicable channels of ensuring unity amongst families and also create an environment that is friendlier for abused and neglected children as well as an increased number of counselling after being neglected and abused.

Vision and Plan

To reach millions of Ghanaians through our outreach program and sensitization tour. We will use the social media and other media related platforms to propagate and create awareness on Child Abuse and Neglect.


The objectives and activities of Bonabear Foundation Ghana includes but not limited to the following:

a. Engage affected couples in education through various church groups, community gatherings, forums and public lectures.
b. Partner with stakeholders to champion the course of tackling issues leading to divorce and its repercussions.
c. Organize youth forums to engage neglected children to educate, motivate and get them informed on the way forward.
d. Become one of the efficient and effective arm in respect to settlement of marital disputes leading to child neglect in Ghana and beyond.

e. Since keeping custody of children born out of divorce becomes a tussle, we will work hand in hand with other stakeholders to educate the divorced couples to ensure mutuality with regards to keeping in custody minors borne out of divorce (1998 children’s ACT 560).
f. Campaign, educate and advocate for neglected children who are in all kinds of pain due to Marital Divorce.
g. Fund Raising.
h. Organize training and events for neglected and abused children.

Meet our Team Members

Mr Bernard Bonarparte

Founder & Executive Director

Mr Jonas Adjei-Anang

Deputy Director

Jude Boye Borteye

Project Coordinator

Mrs Millicent Bonarparte


Mr Daniel Alabi

Board Member

Mr Alfred Anangfio

Board Member

Mr Richard Ofoe Kugblenu


Mr Felix Bortey


Mrs Margaret Arkaah


Mary Boye Borteye


Lovely Yemoteley Quaye


Kelvin Oko Borketey


Priscilla Anangfio


Mr Samuel Annang


Roberta Bortey


Pearl Odoley Annang


Godwin Agorsor


Mary Boye Borteye


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